Music is at the soul of all good weddings

Music is at the soul of all good weddings

Any party, event or wedding needs the best music to make it unforgettable and whatever the occasion a live band makes all the difference. The challenge for many people is finding the right band and there are plenty to choose from that include the downright dreadful to the utterly amazing. Way up there at the top of the list are Detroit Soul Collective and there are a few very good reasons why.

Real Performers

Unlike many of today’s musicians on the circuit who play the latest and greatest hits with the help of a backing track and some technology, Midlands based Detroit Soul Collective will have none of that. What this amazing band delivers is real music from real performers who put their heart and their soul into the music they make. Yes, Detroit Soul Collective make music they don’t just play it. Every performance is unique, the musicians feel the soul of the party, event or wedding and adjust to it and when they sing soul it can be felt.


The Detroit Soul Collective have performed together for many years and this experience shows with every performance. The vocals are amazing and include the voices of Trevor Francis who everyone turned around for on The Voice and also Vicki Nash who the X Factor judges loved! These voices are backed by passionate musicians who make the music their own and of course, nothing better than real music and it beats a dreadful backing track any day. When you listen to the band it is obvious that they are all in tune with each other… excuse the pun… and this is what brings any party or any of their gigs to life and fills the dance floor.

Music for everyone

Just one glance at the repertoire of songs Detroit Soul Collective can play will make you want to get up and dance and plant that earworm inside you for the most beautiful irritation ever. Soul music spans the generations and with a live performance, sometimes not always rehearsed and played just because it feels good, the music is loved by everyone. From upbeat tracks that you want dad not to dance to slow ballads that make the ideal first dance you the playlist from the Detroit Soul Collective is mouth-watering, to say the least, and gets to the soul of a party that only the best musicians understand.

Choosing a live band for a wedding

Choosing a live band for a wedding can be challenging, as was noted in the introduction and with the passion, experience and damn fine music of Detroit Soul Collective the perfect live entertainment is found. Professionalism is the key to what makes this amazing bunch of outstanding musicians and performers what they are. Your fun and enjoyment is their objective and what they love doing most. When choosing the best live band for a wedding you really cannot go wrong with a little bit of soul!

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