Why Can't I Choose My Wedding Bands Set List?

Why Can't I Choose My Wedding Bands Set List?

In this article the bands manager Darren Evans explains why it's best to leave the set list to the band.

It' easy to think that because you're hiring the band, you'll have the ability to decide what they perform. However there are many reasons why this isn't a good idea.
Firstly and mainly it's important to remember that you're booking a performance, not just a collection of musicians and singers.
One of the advantages of booking Detroit Soul Collective is that you'll have a band with years of experience performing at weddings and events. This means we'll know which songs will get people onto the dance floor and more importantly, which songs will keep them there.
Our set lists are created to flow through the evening creating the perfect dynamic.

Getting It Right

It's easy for listeners to "switch off" if the music doesn't have the right dynamic. We can ensure that the songs we perform and the order they're performed in keep all of your guests dancing and singing for the night. Sometimes what you think might fill a dance floor...could end up emptying it...that's a big responsibility! More importantly for us, you've booked us because of our reputation so our advice is to enjoy your wedding and we'll take care of ensuring it's one you'll never forget.

when the time is right

Another important factor is the timings of the bands sets. We'll always accommodate your plans and work with the venue as this is another factor that can affect the bands sets. If the band are due to perform early in the evening then we'll often make a few adjustments to allow the big audience inclusive songs to appear later in the evening.

confident performance

For me personally as a band leader...I need the musicians and singers to be confident in their performance. I see a lot of performers using iPads for their lyrics...whilst there is nothing wrong with this, it does hinder their overall performance. Mainly down to their concentration being focussed on the next line of the song instead of really performing it. If they're reading the words then they're not connecting with the audience. We were guilty of the same practices for many years! We now perform a very strong set of songs that the band and singers love to perform and it shows on every single performance. I definitely wouldn't want to remove this aspect of our show.

the advice

There's a perfect solution. The main purpose of your wedding reception is to celebrate your wedding with your nearest and dearest...so you'll want them to have a great time. If you have some songs that you really want to hear on the night let the band know and if they're not in the set list then if there's a DJ they could play them. If there's no DJ then we can ensure they're on our iPad playlist for in between our sets. Our goal is to ensure you and your guests have the most incredible party! If you'd like an informal chat about the set list just give us a call in the office or send us a message. We're always happy to help.

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