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How much space do you need?

This would depend on the band size and equipment we require for the room size but a good guide would be 14ft deep x 20ft wide. If the event is in a marquee or tipi then we'll also require a consistent height clearance of 2.4m.

How long do you need to set up?

As the band use professional equipment we will require around 1.5 hours - 2.0 hours to fully set up and sound check. This can sometimes be reduced if access is very good and the stars are aligned right for us! Cutting corners during the set up process can often lead to sound issues during the evening which nobody wants of course. It is possible for the band to set up earlier in day if required but will often come at additional costs. We'll always help to find a good solution with you though.

Do the band bring their own equipment and lighting?

Yes we do. We use professional sounding and looking equipment. The band will have lighting to cover the performance area which will really set the right tone for the night.

Can we use a microphone during the day?

As we will usually be arriving after the speeches this is not often part of the band package. However, we can offer a cost-effective solution for this for you.

the Performance

Can we choose the songs you perform?

This is a great question and a very important one. From experience, we've learnt that sometimes your favourite songs can clear the dance floor instead of pack it! We've managed to refine a set list that firstly ensures the dance floor is full, creates the right dynamic through the evening and also songs that suit the style of the band. However, we'll be happy to share our set list with you and if there's anything you really object to we'll, of course replace it.

Will you perform our first dance?

Yes absolutely! As long as it's a song that suits the band we'll be happy to learn this for you. If the song is not in keeping with the bands style then we're have the song prepared on a laptop for you.

Do we need a separate DJ?

This is really a personal preference. We are very aware that a DJ can really add to the overall dynamic of the night. We will have an iPad playlist playing some great party music in-between our sets and afterwards. This will be on Spotify and gaps between songs have been removed. You can always suggest songs to be added if you like in advance.

Can you guarantee which singers & musicians will be performing?

This is difficult to commit to due to most bookings being so far ahead in the diary. We use a great selection of incredible singers and musicians to ensure we maintain the highest standards you'd expect from DSC. Sometimes singers and musicians have other commitments such as tours, family issues and also rarely they could be ill.


Do we need to provide food & drink for the band?

Yes please. We are not fussy eaters and most of the time, access to an evening buffet is good. Soft drinks would need to be made available to the band, either by a tab at a bar or with a supply of bottled water.

How does the booking process work?

Once you've confirmed you'd like to go ahead we'll send a link to an online agreement for you to check over and add any additional details that we're not aware of. You'll be asked to pay a 20% deposit to secure the date in our schedule. The balance will be due one month before the wedding...we'll be in touch in advance to arrange this. At this time we'll ask you to complete an online form confirming all of the details needed such as timings, first dance etc.

Do You Have Public Liability Insurance?

Yes, as a professional wedding and event band we have full Public Liability (PLI) insurance and also carry a PAT certificate to demonstrate that our electrical equipment is safe to use. We'll be happy to share these documents with you or your venue directly when required. These are both renewed annually so it makes sense for us to provide these closer to your wedding date to avoid using an expired document.

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