Should i watch a live wedding band before I book them?

Should i watch a live wedding band before I book them?

The very simple answer is...YES!

With the advancement of technology, it's relatively easy and low cost to create an amazing looking promotional video. Usually with the music recorded in a studio beforehand and the band will then mime for the promo video shoot itself. A lot of live bands produce their videos this was and essentially there is nothing wrong with this, except that what you see and hear on the video can often be very different to the live sound.
So how do you hear how the band really sound? It should actually be very easy. Bands that put on a great live performance will be in demand by promotors and venues so will most likely have live public performances and festival appearances in their schedule. Detroit Soul Collective perform regularly at Birmingham's prestigious live music venue "The Jam House" and also headline a few large festivals in the summer so plenty of opportunities to see them perform live.

What if I can't make it to a live show?

Not to worry...this is where social media is your friend. You will no doubt be able to find lots of camera videos from guests at weddings, festivals and concerts by the band. This way you'll know that they're unedited and a true representation of the bands live performance. Some wedding bands offer a showcase event so will perform to many potential wedding couples for a night.
These can be a great idea but again does come with a little'll be missing out on how the band interact with your guests to ensure your wedding reception is a memorable one.

Full Time professional musicians

Interestingly Detroit Soul Collective evolved into one the UK's premier live bands for weddings. The musicians were all friends working within the music industry for different artists such as One Direction, Madonna, Will Young. A late night conversation started in a hotel bar during a tour, about putting on a soul music evening featuring some amazing musicians and singers. After this one off concert there appeared to be a demand to replicate it and after a few theatre performances...Detroit Soul Collective was born. Many years later we are now one of the most in demand live bands for weddings in the UK.

Check the reviews

You probably check online reviews for purchases such as TV's, phones etc...most likely even kitchen soap! You should do the same for your wedding suppliers. Don't just read what appears on a band or agents website...check independant reviews on Google. Detroit Soul Collective constantly receive 5 star reviews from clients for our performance and management.

We know that the cost of a very good wedding band is a large portion of your's important that you have confidence when you book. Our advice is, unless you're 100% in love with the sound and look of your wedding a good DJ instead!

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