Keeping Our musicians and your guests safe during the covid-19 crisis

Keeping Our musicians and your guests safe during the covid-19 crisis

Human Nature

Human beings are naturally sociable and the result of this is that we love meeting up with friends and family.  In the coffee shop, at the bar or most the park!

As a band, everywhere we've performed has been about socialising not social distancing!

The entire entertainment, wedding and event industry is essentially on its knees right now desperately trying to ways to survive whilst wondering how we'll all operate when we're allowed to do so.

At Detroit Soul Collective we've been following the governments guidance from the outset and will continue to do so. That said, this doesn't mean we haven't been finding ways to perform safely once we've been given the green light to do so.

Having ran risk assessments relevant to our industry we've discovered numerous issues that we'd face in the future, from sharing microphones, maintaining social distancing on stage and even our usual means of shared travel to our performances.

What we can do

We've implemented a plethora of measures to help us keep our musicians and guests safe moving forward.

One Person Microphones:
Singers will each have a microphone allocated to them and only they will then use this.  After each performance the microphone will then be fully cleansed with antibacterial cleaner.  Under no circumstance will these be made available to guests or venue staff.

Where distancing is more difficult we will have clear plastic screens in use to section off the musicians.  This is incredibly important with singers and horn players who are more at risk of spreading Covid-19 with the expulsion of particles.  After each performance these will be full cleaned with antibacterial cleaner.

Barriers From Guests:
With some venues not being able to manage distance between guests and the band we can provide a smart rope barrier system to ensure guests are a safe distance from the band.

Any equipment that could come into contact with guests such as speakers will be thoroughly cleaned before each performance.

We have a good supply of gloves and masks for musicians and staff to use where required.

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