• Darren Evans

How To Find The Best Live Band For A Wedding

Updated: Dec 23, 2019

You’ve chosen the person you wish to marry… now the planning starts. There are many aspects of your wedding day that are important but choosing the right band is one of the most important! Creating an unforgettable wedding means creating a great atmosphere, you want a wedding your family and friends will never forget! A lasting memory of a great celebration and a full dance floor all night will be the key.

However you choose your band remember it is always best to see them live or see them on film via youtube. A professional band will always have live footage.  Our video is a great example as it was recorded live.

Personal recommendation If you have seen a band you like or a friend has recommended one this may be your best option.

Search on the Web Search using key words such as the type of music you would like for example ‘hire a soul band’ remember number one on your search doesn’t necessarily mean they are the best band.

Book through an Agency You will see many Agencies advertised on the Web or in print, all offer varying degrees of service, they can give advice but remember many may not have seen the bands live and will add between 15-20% commission onto the bands fee.

The Sound Bands broadly fall into various categories of music. Choose a style of music that appeals to you, no band can do every style. A good Soul band that can play everything from Motown to Michael Jackson to Beyonce is often the perfect choice to please a wide age range and provides enough energy to get everyone on the dance floor.

Look at the bands repertoire

An experienced band will have established their sets over many years and will have a good idea of what songs work and in what order to keep the dance floor full all night. Look at their repertoire on their website. If you have specific songs you would like them to include ask them, if there are any songs you don’t like on the list tell them.

How the band look You will have spent time creating a style and look for your Wedding day, make sure the band also fit into this. A band with a cheap or “cheesy” appearance can completely spoil the look. Musicians in scruffy clothing, singers with too much make-up or dresses that reveal far too much can all detract from the sophisticated look that you want for your wedding. Ask to see pictures or videos of the band performing at a formal event and discuss style before booking.

Timing the live sets

If two live sets are played, the first is normally at the start of the evening party and the second timed to finish just before the end of the party, typically 11:30pm. During the bands break the band will normally play a range of suitable recorded music, they may be happy to play your iPod/iPad but unless you are an expert in selecting music to suit a wide range of ages leave it to the professionals.

Testimonials & References Any experienced function band should be able to supply you with a selection of testimonials and positive references from past clients. In particular, try to look for testimonials where the client’s name is shown. Look out for positive comments from independent sources such as press reviews or social media. Most bands should be happy to supply you with a list of names and contact details so that you can speak to their past clients and hear how they felt about the band’s performance at their wedding.

Admin and Communication A professional function band should have one person who is responsible for handling all the administration and planning of your wedding to make it as smooth as possible. There are many bands with excellent musicians but are disorganised when making the arrangements necessary to make your big day run without a hitch. Speak to the band manager and try to get a sense of whether they act in a professional and organised manner. When you make that first enquiry this should give you a good indication.

If you want some advice on booking a band for your wedding then get in touch.  We'll be happy to offer any advice you may need.