• Darren Evans

Hire A Wedding Band Abroad

Wedding in Tuscany Italy

Wanting to hire a band for a wedding over in Europe or maybe even further's a daunting thought but doesn't need to be!

Depending on the country and exact location of the wedding you'll find the costs can differ somewhat.

Detroit Soul Collective have performed at numerous weddings in Italy, France, Germany, Spain and beyond.  For weddings in Northern France, Holland or Belgium you'll find the cost is more attractive as it's more accessible and easier to drive with equipment.

Costs of hiring a function band in France, Belgium, Holland within driving distance

There are various things that will be need to be accounted for when booking the band to perform abroad such as accommodation costs, additional fuel, drinks and food.

Costs of hiring a wedding band in Italy, Portugal, South of France, Germany, Spain, Austria and even further

If the wedding if further away than could easily be driven to then the band would need to fly.  This usually adds quite a bit to the costs as there are numerous additional expenses incurred such as flights, accommodation, parking at the airport, equipment hire, meals, drinks, transfer to the venue.

You may find that looking at smaller band options will really help with these costs such as a five or six piece band.

We have what's called a technical rider which is essentially a list of equipment we would need to perform so this can be given to the local equipment hire company to organise...your venue will have good contacts for these.  To find our more about Detroit Soul Collective click here.

International Band Bookings

Detroit Soul Collective have performed all over the world including Dubai, Quatar, Malaysia and so many other countries.  We are experts when it comes to hiring a UK band for a wedding or event abroad.

For more information why not get in touch and we'll be happy to help?